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Reference Projects


Web Applications. Year: 2009

Driven by the passion that everything related with Internet 2.0 and social networks inspires in us – and in cooperation with Linking Paths – we've created Tog. Tog is an open source platform developed in RoR that allows the generation of social networks and 2.0 portals with lots of extensions available to developers, and where design and functionality are fully configurable. Tog is the basis of IBCmass's R&D and Technological Innovation, and its user community is currently our professional network for web projects.

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ACME* Products

Product Line

The word ACME derives from the Greek word (ακμή) meaning the "culmination" or "highest point one can reach", and so we have chosen to use this name for our product line. ACME* products are the result of a long process of analysis, development and implementation started in IBCmass's innovation laboratory, and tested under strict quality standards in order to ensure the best results for our customers.

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ACME* products

Quality policy