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In terms of company strategy and social responsibility, our policy is based on promoting cooperative competition. This has led us to establish a network of partnerships with other companies, which allows us to provide a comprehensive service to our customers and undertake projects with a broad scope.

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An innovative software development company. Working together, we've created tog, the open source platform for generating the 2.0 portals and social networking sites that are the basis for all our web solutions.


The Keras company was founded in 2008, and its main business is developing software using tog technology; it specialises in Web 2.0 portals and social networks.


This consultancy company – an important reference in the field of usability and information architecture – optimises user interaction and navigation for the web projects it's involved in.


Asítelocuento is a participatory structure, a group working together on the creation and development of user experience projects and communication related products and technologies. Working with public and private entities in strategic relationship with society searching new channels of communication and socialmedia.

Ia2 - Cátedra de Inteligencia Analítica

We collaborate with the professors of analytic intelligence from the University of Oviedo and with their academic head, Santos González, in datamaining and semantic web to implement mathematical algorithms which favor the use of the language between machines directed to the web 3.0.

Trisquel Media

We've developed interesting projects such as "Avilés, Digital City" and "Pelayo and His Gang" in conjunction with this multimedia design and production studio.

Almenara Grupo

In conjunction with Almenara – a pioneer in the quantification of social phenomena – we develop equality management projects through CSR, plans for balancing work and family life and for reducing absenteeism. We share the idea of improving productivity through good human capital management, a key factor in the success of a business project.





GADD is a company that is a reference in the governmental sector, offering major e-government solutions. IBCmass's innovations department is working together with GADD on a solution for local government based on using social networks to get citizens involved in local management.


Rrebrand is the branding and innovation consultancy unit of the Unocomunicación group. We've worked with them on several branding, design and innovation projects related to social networks and multimedia content.

NEOSISTEC Mobility Experts

A consultancy company specialized in providing solutions on the field of information and communication technologies; innovation is its distinctive feature.


A consultant specialized in providing solutions in the field of information technology and communication to innovation as hallmarks.





A Service Full of Communication where there are no departments or ranks, but there is a Collaborator Structure based on the “Cloud Management”.

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Virtual Events and Virtual Trade Showss


  • Specialist in Virtual Business Environment Solutions. Together we create and integrate virtual environments for communication and business development; like Virtual Events, Virtual Trade Shows, Virtual Conferences Centers or Virtual Career Fair.

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